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Sugar And Coffee Affect My Wellbeing

Have you ever considered things we consume can affect our wellbeing? Well, for me it is coffee and sugar. They have a profound effect on my mental health and mood.


In 1998 Fibromyalgia changed my life although the first doctors put me in the CFS category only to be moved into the ME group and now since a few years they class me as a Fibromyalgia patient.

The pain caused by Fibromyalgia worsens after consuming products containing refined sugar. Not only does the pain increase my mood takes a turn to the dark side. It seems that not all people are aware of how addictive sugar is. The more one consumes the stronger the graving for sugar becomes.

When one starts to cut sugar out of one’s diet many suffer withdrawal symptoms. Luckily enough I never had a sweet tooth. Instead, I loved eating all sorts of cheeses but that is a story for another time. Sugary products never took centre stage within my diet but hidden sugar in processed foods still managed to influence my mood and increase the pain within my body.

Cutting sugar out of my diet has proven to be beneficial to my physical and mental health.

My positive and negative experiences with the effect of sugar on my body are finally recognised by science. Articles and research can be found online outlining the link between sugar and the decline in mental health. It is scientifically proven how sugar plays havoc in the physical body and affects brain chemicals. This results in a disbalance which in turn leads to mood swings and erosion of our mental health.


Coffee instantly heightens my energy levels, leaves me with a feeling of well-being, and increases my ability to focus, desirable during my study sessions. But, where sugar increases my pain, coffee lessens it especially the burning pain in my spine leaving me unable to lie or sit. Before discovering the pain stilling effect of coffee painkillers containing codeine was my only choice. The illness causing this pain is chronic means taking painkillers on a regular basis might leave me with kidney damage.

Sadly enough coffee also creates undesired side effects. Although I feel fantastic after drinking coffee its effect are temporary. After the effect wears off the high is replaced by a low. The body and mind crash, leaving me empty and tired. To get the high and pain stilling effect ones more another cup of coffee is needed.

After a few months, the caffeine in coffee starts to affect my heart. This is felt and shown on my smartwatch. The health app shows a rising line in my resting heart rate which goes up by about ten beats a minute while on coffee. Also, my heart noticeably starts to beat up against my ribs and skip beats. Not a reassuring feeling.

Another side effect is a strange feeling I can only describe as jittering anxiety.

These negative effects upon my body and mind leave me no choice but to stop drinking coffee. The detox creates withdrawal symptoms. For me, this means an appearance of a banging headache that lasts at least one week and a worsening of the burning pain in my spine.

Refined white sugar is no longer part of my diet. Coffee on the other hand has become a lifelong friend although the amount consumed is strictly monitored as not to damage my heart or negatively influence my mood and mental health.

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