Realising You Might be Trans

When you realise you might be trans

Calm down. The world isn’t ending. You’re going to be okay. Think about what pronouns you’d like to go by (s/he/they/it). Think of whether or not there’s another name you’d like to be referred to.

Think about your surroundings. Are the people you’re close to accepting? If they are then you have nothing to worry about. Come out at your own time. When /you’re/ comfortable. If they aren’t wait until you’re in a safe environment.

Save up some money! (It’s a secret tool that we’ll use later) It’s also just a handy tool in general!

One of my favourites: shopping spree! Go to a store that you like and go into the section of the gender you feel that you are. Find clothes you like in your size and buy them! maybe get some matching shoes too! spoil yourself, you’re royalty!

Another one of my favourites: Try on the clothes and see how you feel. Do you like how you feel about them? Do you hate it? focus on those feelings. Why do you think you feel that way? Write it down. Try and run through your head what the issue might be.

Is it dysphoria or dysmorphia? These are commonly confused! there’s no need to panic! Dysphoria is the mental illness transgender people have due to having the wrong body parts. Dysmorphia is caused by not liking your body. Similar but different and often people flip them, some even have both! What do you think?

There are friends in the community everywhere, most are willing to help. You can find gender therapists around town too. There will always be somewhere to go.

Never forget that you are NOT alone.

Keep your head up and keep going, no matter what, you’ll get there for sure.

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