An Open Letter To University Students – You Should Be Proud!

The end of the academic year is finally here. After months of assignments, exams, and non-stop stressing, you can finally sigh a breath of relief. But remember to give yourself the credit you deserve.

A University Experience Like No Other

It has been a difficult academic year. There is no hiding from that. The world has been suffering from a while now and positive news has been few and far between. The majority of students have spent their entire year sitting lessons online, from their rooms.

Even for those who had the opportunity to be on campus, it was not the same. No one could have ever predicted the current state of our world. No student ever thought they would be completing an entire year without visiting their campus, having face to face teaching.

For the first years, who have yet to have a dose of proper university life. For the final year students, who could not end their years partying at SU bars with coursemates and friends. It has been an experience like no other for students.

You’ve done amazingly, remember that

Despite the hardships and challenges, you have all done amazingly. Your resolve is commendable and you have shown determination which is unmatchable on so many levels. It is important to remember that.

There might have been moments where you couldn’t see the finish line. There might have been moments where you didn’t have the motivation. But in the end, those moments of self-doubt were conquered.

You were able to dig deep and find that spark to keep going when you needed it most. If you have done it before, you will be able to do it again. Positivity and belief is everything, the two most important factors in our lives.

Time for a break – take positivity into next year

Now it is time for a break. After months of endless hard work, you are owed some time off to recharge your batteries. Even though the world might be limiting your adventures, simply resting is the best remedy.

However, remain as positive as you can during your break. Take that energy into next year and believe that you can achieve anything.

People around you believe in you and we here at Mental Magazine believe in you. Go out there and show the world what you’re made of!

Have a great summer,


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