Pride Month: Different From Whom – Facing Discrimination

people holding happy birthday banner
people holding happy birthday banner
London Pride 2016. Picture by: Ian Taylor/Unsplash

Nowadays, there is still discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community in schools. Those who are on the receiving end of this act of bullying aren’t being offered enough help. Awareness is not being raised to help prevent it. As it is pride month, I wanted to share my experience.

Being bullied because of my sexuality

When I was in high school, I had been a victim of bullying from classmates, which made me feel like I was different from others. I felt uncomfortable, scared, and alone. Feelings that no one should experience.

My days were full of jokes about my sexuality. Sometimes classmates beat me, and when I went home, I felt too ashamed to tell my parents about what happened. Because I thought they would not understand me. I was worried that they would treat me differently. 

Eventually, one day when I was 16, I finally came out to my family. 

Learning to fight for who I am

I remember crying, being scared about my mum’s reaction, but she accepted me. For who I am and still loves me exactly the same way she always has.

From there, I learned to fight for who I am. I was used to having negative comments aimed at me. But I let them say whatever they wanted because they were not relevant or part of my life. 

For all my fellow members of the LGBTQIA+ community: we should surround ourselves with people that love us for what we are. I know your thoughts, and that may make you feel like living your life as a straight person is easier than a homosexual life but it is not.

However, after what happened to me when I was younger, I am now pretty satisfied with my life. I am working on my studies and realising the dream of my life which is to be a writer and journalist. I have a job and work freelance as a beautician; I have friends that love me, and I have a normal happy life with my partner.

I am not saying it will be easy, but if you fight for your happiness every day, you will gain what you desire.

Do not let anyone let you down, and do not give anyone the chance to hurt you, instead feel free to have people that love you and will stand up for you.

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