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Depression: My Experience Of Feeling Isolated

To begin with, I have suffered from mental illnesses for most of my life. But never with depression, this was a new one for me, all I can say is depression hit me hard.

My experience of suffering from depression

Feeling low was a new experience, I had my fair share of sadness but never depression. I had never felt like that before and to be honest, the more it continued the worse it got. The problem with depression is nobody wants to be around you.

Your friends shy away from seeing you, your family just don’t understand. Lacking motivation and energy, it’s hard to do anything. Interacting can become such a problem and not knowing where and who to confide with.

Depression can affect you in other ways too. You often can’t see a clear future because nothing in life seems attractive or pleasant. You begin to feel isolated; you can have people all around you but still, feel depressed. Isolation is where it starts and from there it’s hard to get back. Family and friends might be around you, but their presence does not make a difference. That feeling of depression is still there.

Depression can hit you hard, feeling low for no apparent reason. Happy one minute and extremely low the next. Full of positivity one minute, then extremely low the next.

It is a battle between what life is worth living for and what it is not. You don’t have to feel suicidal just uninterested in what life brings. Depression doesn’t have to be about loneliness or having no friends it can be about death or loss, certain medication, low income and even gender.

What makes you depressed can be different from the next person. But what is common is that you are not in control. It’s an uphill battle that sometimes we don’t think we can win. But remember: you don’t have to battle alone.

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