Why Self-Care Is Important And Why We Need To Relax

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Photo by V2F on Unsplash

So I thought after last week, I would have a rest. But no, my family have come to visit and it’s been all go. However, I still need to find time for some self-care!

Self-care is important!

Self-care is important but due to the pandemic, I have been unable to see my nephews for over a year now. So of course I will make the effort as I don’t have any children myself. They need to form a relationship with me as well.

I am writing this as I have been busy with them all day yesterday and today. My neighbour has asked me to babysit her son and he’s coming to the beach with us today. But self-care is often put aside, which can result in illness.

My partner is not well due to work stress and he suffers bad migraines, his work has not given him time off. So it is okay to say no and to not do certain things. I struggle sometimes, especially with family.

But my tiredness and overdoing it resulted in me tripping over yesterday watching the kids. I grazed my leg badly. As much as we think we are okay we need to listen to our bodies. Tomorrow I am unsure what they have planned but I may say no as I need to rest.

But at the same time since I’ve moved here I have wanted to go to the beach. It holds fond memories of my childhood there. So as everyone rushes around as restrictions ease we need to take time.

I also have to prepare for next year and sort out my university finance as well as books for next module. I need time to focus and write. As I live by the sea it has become extremely busy with tourists and I miss the quiet silence of lockdown during winter.

But at the same time, the local area needs tourism to survive. Whatever your doing over the bank holiday remember to take time for yourself also.

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