What I Would Tell My Teenage Self: Don’t Hold Back!

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Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Oh boy, where do I begin? After a lot of thinking, toing and froing, I’ve come to the conclusion of describing this in three words; Don’t hold back, that is what I would tell my teenage self!

My teenage self was cautious

I was very cautious when I was younger; didn’t stay out until the club closed, didn’t go back to my friend’s house to continue the fun, and didn’t jump on the bandwagon of going on girls holidays. I held back but I’m not sure why? Maybe I was scared of the unknown, new adventures or making mistakes.

While I have never been a perfectionist, I have always been cautious about new opportunities. You don’t know until you try, but I’d loved to know why I had a mental block to trying new things. As the years have gone on, that block has gone and I no longer fear what’s hiding around the corner.

My teenage self also didn’t know what to do after school. Particularly what to study or any potential career. If you’re not sure what you want to do, then perhaps enter the world of work and gain experience, as ideas may flow from there. Someone could ask me now at my age (34, young at heart!) if I went to university now what would I study and honestly, I have no idea!

Have no regrets, no matter what!

Do I feel guilty? nope! Yes I’ve missed out of living in halls and the whole uni experience but I don’t regret it. No regrets, no big ones anyway! Why dwell on what’s happened; there must have been a reason at the time as to why you said yes or no to opportunities. Sometimes you cannot rationalise your feelings as to how things can come along or possibly drift away from you.

Maybe I do have a small regret about holding back a little when I was a teenager but I am proud of the woman I have become. Especially now as I feel open to new opportunities. So I’d say go for it; don’t hold back Em, mistakes are there to be made and overcome!

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