End Of Uni Assignments Stress

MacBook Pro, white ceramic mug,and black smartphone on table
MacBook Pro, white ceramic mug,and black smartphone on table
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Approaching the end of the academic year, I have had a hectic time. After a break-up and my cat being shot with an air gun, it’s been difficult, to say the least. Not forgetting the stress of uni assignments It has truly been a struggle for me as of late.

A tough time with uni assignments and personal life

Yesterday I managed to submit my work, even though I think it isn’t that great. I am very critical of my own work, but it has been a hectic time. Unwell for two weeks, then I got dumped – although we are making amends now. I was about to start my assignment when my cat Deri Thomas got shot behind my garden in the public car park, I took him to the PDSA and they looked after him. He has managed to pull through and as I write this he is sitting next to me. It has been a very difficult time.

As students, we must prioritise our time but life’s distractions and stresses can sometimes get in the way, if anything this year has taught me that sometimes we have to ignore these things and focus on our end goal. For me, it is obtaining an MA in Creative Writing and becoming a writer. I am hoping over summer to read and write more. But this pasy year has been a challenge for me and thousands of other students. With lockdown easing our lives are becoming much busier, I am used to being alone and everything is closed.

Self care is important

Now everything is open, I wonder how I will schedule in studying during my final year. I feel upset that I have had all these things occur all at once. However, self-care is important, and I have found that rest has helped me immensely as my mind processes everything. Next year I will refocus and take time this summer to prepare myself. A holiday would be nice if we can go abroad. Next week my brother is visiting with my nephews, as much as I am excited I am also anxious as well.

There will be days out and it may all become too overwhelming for me. As someone suffering from CPTSD, I will crave my own space. So, whatever you’re going through take each day as it comes, remember that you are doing your best and that is all that one can do. Take time for yourself as you hand in your final university assignments and learn from any mistakes going forward. Have a lovely summer.

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