Kul Muhays Journey To Better Wellbeing

Emotional and intelligence expert Kul Mahay. Picture by: Penguin PR

Emotional and intelligence expert Kul Mahay has been on his journey to better wellbeing, which includes cats, long walks and a newly installed home gym.

It goes without saying that the world has been a tough place for nearly a year now. The first nationwide lockdown was enforced last March and since there have been more restrictions in place. The frequency of lockdowns on top of the lack of activities and leisure we can enjoy are well and truly challenging the mental health of many.

However, people have found their own ways to make sure that they cope and keep on smiling as often as possible, this is no different for Emotional and intelligence expert Kul Muhay. Previously working with the government, education and Armed Forces, Muhay was one of the most senior Asian police officers in the country. 

Part and parcel of living through lockdowns is spending more time at home, with that comes people spending more time with their pets, which for a lot of people is a comforting prospect and this is no different for Mahay, who has spent time with his two cats. 

“There is a lot of research into how animals can boost your wellbeing and, now that I’m at home more as my leadership sessions are being held exclusively online, I am finding that spending time with Elvis and Coco really helps to boost my mood,” said Muhay

Emotional and intelligence expert Kul Muhay. Picture by: Penguin PR

Muhay also backs up the fact that stroking our pets can provide relief for a variety of factors: “Stroking your pet has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, it can make you feel calm and even lower blood pressure.”

Adapting life indoors has been a struggle for many, especially for those who are used to having a daily routine. Going to the gym is one of the most common routines, however, that regular routine has been far from such for the past year. But for Mahay, he has brought the gym to his home, as well as going for long walks to have accompanying fresh air. “I have also turned my garage into a home gym and have been exploring the area around where I live and have found myself regularly walking 10 or 11 miles from my home.”

These challenging times have been tough for people to get through, even simply finding the motivation to make it through the days or be productive which is understandable. But Muhay provides some advice of his own, which has helped him along the way. “All you need is a focus, a plan and intentional action if you are to succeed. It’s also good, every so often, to celebrate what you have achieved.”

While 2020 presented persistent challenges to our lives as 2021 is continuing to do, Muhay looks back at last year with some positivity. He launched social enterprise TriPotential with friend Samuel, which aims to create more leadership within the black and minority ethnic communities in uniformed services including the police, military, and fire service. Mahay was also involved in writing two police dramas for television. 

Muhay also looks towards 2021 with a sense of optimism, which is a refreshing outlook which can help everyone remain positive. “A new year brings with it fresh opportunities and I can’t wait to see what 2021 will bring.”

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