It Takes A Village

You could be at complete rock bottom, alone,  

Not knowing when that day will come when you’ll truly feel grown.  

Sat trying to block out every problem, emotion and intrusive thought,  Trying to remember all of those coping skills you’ve been taught.  

You could have been in survival mode, never known what it’s like to thrive,  

Not even know who you truly are because you’ve spent every moment just trying to keep  yourself alive.  

Not knowing your talents and your strengths or even the traits of your personality.  Your trauma has been your only identity.  

Then one day you could choose not to live like this anymore,  

Decide it’s time to pick yourself up off the floor.  

You could clear out those people who destroy your peace and safety,  The ones that have been keeping you small lately.  

You could look inwards and be still.  

Because one day soon you will  

Get healthier and as you dare take an eye off yourself for a moment, a tribe is forming  around you,  

Slowly, one by one, they form this circle, what a view. 

And the circle of people who made you small before are gone and have been replaced by  this new group,  

That protects and recharges you while you recoup.  

They see you and accept you in whatever form you choose to show.  Nourishing and nurturing, watching you grow.  

They show you who they are, and they want to know you,  

Listen and learn when you tell them all you’ve been through.  

Rise you up when you succeed and hold you when life is hard,  

And over time you drop down your guard.  

Like a family, like parents,  

They help you survive.  

It takes a village,  

Time to thrive. 

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