78% Of People Said They Need Mental Health and Wellness Support From Their Employers

man wearing white top using MacBook
man wearing white top using MacBook
Photo by: Tim Gouw/Unsplash

A recent survey conducted by Ryalto revealed that 78% of  people said they need mental health and wellness support  from their employers.  

Those who took part in the survey feel as if they need more  mental health and wellness support, in order to achieve their  personal work goals in the next year. 

115 people took part in the survey and 90 people who voted  think it is vital that workplaces provide support, to ensure a  perfect work/life balance. However, these findings have  shown that employers need to find ways to support their  staff sufficiently. 

Jon Bennett, CEO of Ryalto said: “The survey results  provide further evidence for what we are hearing every day 

from the U.K. workforce and the network of leaders that we  meet with frequently – that mental wellness support for  workers should be at the top of every leader’s agenda.”  

However, 5% of those who had taken part in the survey, had  not thought about offering their employees mental health  support. 

Bennett also went on to say: “Offering help is not  complicated or expensive. Simple self-serve surveys and  diagnostics can help people understand what they are  feeling and there is some great content available that can  guide people and help them take the path to feeling better.”  

Ryalto is one of the few technology providers which have  been NHS approved. Their app has been designed to  improve workplace connectivity, engagement, culture and  performance across organisations.  “In 2021, Ryalto is introducing a Mental Wellness module to  the Ryalto app. Allowing all users to access smart,  straightforward support for Mental Wellness via the app they  already trust for communications, engagement and shift  booking.” Said Bennett.

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