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Staying Safe When Returning To Campus

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Photo by: Mikael Kristenson/Unsplash

University students are due to return to campus for in-class lessons on May 17th.

The return of university students has been pushed back repeatedly due to the fear of students transmitting the virus when they return to their term-time address. But students will finally be allowed to return to class properly from May 17th, to coincide with the next phase of the Government’s Roadmap out of lockdown. 

While not every student will be able to return to class, as many courses will be done with their teaching by then. Here are our five tips on staying safe when you return to the classroom.

Get Tested

Make sure you get tested before you return to your term-time address and continue to get tested when you are there and going to classes. Even if you don’t have symptoms, universities have tests available to students to ensure the return to in-class learning is safe. 

Wear your mask

Make sure you wear your face mask, especially when you are in environments where you are unable to properly socially distance or when you are inside. Such as in classrooms or public transport. 

Stay at one address

Coming and going from your term-time address to your home address puts unnecessary risk towards your flatmates and family back home. Stay at one location and protect the people you live with. 

Walk to class

If you live off-campus, where possible walk or cycle to class. Where more businesses are being allowed to open, more people are travelling on public transport. If possible try to avoid public transport especially during rush hour. Or try to travel outside the biggest times. 

Sanitise your hands

Try to sanitise your hands when you get to the campus and before and after you use any equipment in your classroom, such as computers or books owned by the university. If you travel by public transport remember to sanitise when you get off the train or bus. 

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