Lockdown Easing: Students Returning To “Normal” Lives

empty chairs in theater
empty chairs in theater
Photo by: Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash

It was recently announced that universities would be able to open their campuses to all students from May 17th. However, as lessons will be done by then, what does the future hold for students with this news?

For over a year now, students have been living their university experiences at home from their desks, asides from those who are permitted to be on campuses, due to the nature of their course. 

So with this in mind, despite not enjoying the experience, students are more than used to the way their studies are now conducted. At this point, no one is entirely sure of when life will return to complete normality, which includes seeing the return of students on campus at a bigger capacity. 

Also, by the time May 17th comes around, university classes would have already finished or near enough concluding. Mark Fudge, the chair of the British Association Counselling and Psychotherapy’s Universities and Colleges Division acknowledged that students will be frustrated at this prospect. “Many students have been understandably frustrated with the uncertainty and being left out of the narrative of initial restriction easing,” said Fudge. 

While students have been stuck at home and have not been able to taste the typical university experience, with this in mind it is understandable why countless students feel let down. “Different students were affected by the lockdown in different ways – some found staying at home comforting, but some have felt like they missed out on the university experience.”

Taking into account all the uncertainty the world has faced in the past year, there has been a persistent heightened sense of anxiety. For students, this has presented an array of issues across the board. “With less social interactions and most assessments taking place at home, usual students’ problems have been less prominent but living at home introduced other stressors such as lack of privacy for students who were looking to access counselling during this time.”

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