Students Not Allowed To Return To Class Until 17th May At The Earliest

high-angle photography of group of people sitting at chairs
Photo by: Mikael Kristenson/Unsplash

The Government today has announced that students won’t be allowed to return to campus for face-to-face teaching until 17th May at the earliest. 

Despite calls from vice-chancellors and students across the country, the Government has ruled the return of students before the 17th of May. Which coincides with step 3 of the government’s roadmap. 

On 8th March, roughly 49% of students on practical courses were eligible to return to campus to go to their lessons as expected. 

By the time students will be allowed to return, many will be at the end of their teaching year or degrees, likely about to go into assessment time. Many students won’t actually return to classes. 

Despite the fact research from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggests 76% of students are currently residing at their term-time address. Concern is mainly shown for students moving across the country to get to campus. 

The Minister of State for Universities, Michelle Donelan in a statement said, “The movement of students across the country poses a risk for the transmission of the virus – particularly because of the higher prevalence and rates of transmission of new variants.”

This decision is likely to put Government’s relationship with University students under more strain, as students petition for the return of face-to-face learning and cheaper tuition fees. 

With pubs reopening this week for outside service, it’s a surprise but not a shock to see university students put on the back burner. 

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