Dealing With Change In So Many Shades

woman in red long sleeve shirt holding hair blower
woman in red long sleeve shirt holding hair blower
Photo by: Adam Winger/Unsplash

I think it’s safe to say the boredom of many lockdowns has made us all turn to crazy hobbies to pass the time. For myself, this constant confinement was suffocating, and I wanted change. 

So, what better way to do that then nip to my local Tesco and buy a bottle of colourful hair dye that took my fancy. I’m no saint to the hair dying process as I constantly go straight for the supermarket shelves so I couldn’t think about the bad decision or chemical concoction I was about to put on my head instead of seeking a professional. 

With my sister as my personal hair colourist, from the months of March to September I went through around six hair colours with re-applications of some. I did have to take two trips to the professionals when they opened as it got past the point of my sister’s (lack of) expertise and I’m surprised I still had some hair on my scalp.

As fun as this process was, the whole idea of hair dye or modifications in general, are so appealing to this era in particular. We see the classic movie tropes of a teenage break-up causing the girl to have a miraculous makeover with her best friends which usually just ends up being a cut and colour at the salon, maybe a fancy hairstyle to really push the boat out. This goes even further to the even more awful films where the girl takes off her glasses and is instantly now beautiful *giant eye-roll*.

As laughable as these storylines are, it’s crazy how so many people do this after a major turning point within their lives or some change that has happened. This can be branched out into more permanent impulsive ideas like piercings or tattoos but the whole process we take is to cope or signify the change. Therefore, a statement in your identity by having a new hair colour makes you feel brave, excited, but also changed much like a before and after picture to show off.

The lockdown trends of hair colour meant for a big experimentation for people especially if they went horribly wrong. I know for myself the lockdown brought problems that I seemed to cope with by changing my hair as a subtle yet effective way to feel like a new me, but I know plenty of people feel like this without the lockdown situation. 

Likewise, some people just like dying their hair for no reason whatsoever which is amazing! For those who don’t want to dye their hair, I’m jealous of your self-control for not grabbing a bottle of blue live colour from the shops and instead just watch the many YouTube videos along the lines of ‘I had a mental breakdown so dyed my hair pink,’.

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