£13 million In Support To Young Adults Under The Mental Health Recovery Action Plan

The Government has announced a £500 million investment into improving and expanding Mental Health Services. 

The investment, which comes as part of the government’s Mental Health Recovery Action Plan, aims to deal with the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has on the public’s mental health. Targeting at-risk groups such as those with severe mental illness, young people aged 18-25 and frontline workers.

Under the plan, NHS talking therapies (IAPT services) will expand to support 1.6 million people in 2021/22. Additional therapists will be specially trained to treat specific mental health needs relating to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Matt Hancock at an event hosted by GDS in 2016. Picture by: gdsteam/Flickr

Furthermore, people with severe mental illness will benefit from improved mental health services in their community. The funding should transform the service for the better and enable people to get the specialised help they need. 

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock said, “As part of our response to this global pandemic we not only want to tackle the public health threat of coronavirus but ensure our clinicians have the resources to deal with the impact on people’s mental health”.

The funding will also be used on initiatives that aim to improve mental health and wellbeing services as well as the promotion of positive mental health in the most deprived local authority areas in England.

University students and young people ages 18-25 will see the support of £13 million which looks to ensure they are being supported correctly with mental health services tailored to their needs and to bridge the gap between child’s and adult’s mental health services. 

To ensure NHS mental health services are able to cope long term, £111 million will be invested in training staff for the future and ensuring they are in place to support two million people in 2023/24.

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