How My Life Has Changed Due To Covid-19

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Photo by: Tonik/Unsplash

It has already been a year since I received an email from my university saying that the campus would be closing. I was quite concerned about what was happening, nobody knew what was going on, the only information we got was that a virus was killing people.

During the first lockdown, it was hard to understand the rules and the virus itself. On top of everything else, we had to continue our studies from home. It was a lot to take in. 

However, I decided to watch the positive aspects of this situation, such as empty trains. As a key worker, it was nice, even because I had to go to work and if nobody was on the train it meant that the possibility of getting the virus over my journeys was low. 

At work it was okay, I got the opportunity to do new training and gain new skills. University also gave us an extra week to complete assignments and exams. This was a massive help for me, I had time. 

However, not everyone is following guidelines. Some people do whatever they want, full tubes, people around even if the shops are closed, and people just not respecting the rules. I have not seen my family in almost two years. All I want to do is visit them. The point is that if not everyone is following the rules, how are we supposed to finally get out of this situation?

Protestors are flooding London because they do not want to wear masks. I am not saying others can have their opinions, but some people are putting others at risk and it is not fair. Or the protest against the Covid-19 vaccination, why do they need to protest against it? if they do not want to do it, they have the freedom to say “NO”. All some people want to do is hug their grandparents, but the behaviour of others is selfish. 

This has all affected me. I am more nervous than I used to be, clouded with more negative thoughts, panic attacks come over me frequently, and I struggle to be positive. I want to see my family and friends, more than anything else. That is all I want. 

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