“Super Straight”: The Excuse For Transphobia

person holding black android smartphone
person holding black android smartphone
Photo by: Olivier Bergeron/Unsplash

“Super straight” you may or may not be familiar with this term. The fad “sexuality” has become commonplace on TikTok in recent weeks in what is a cover for transphobia.

Claiming to be a sexual orientation “Super Straight” means to be a label for (mostly cisgender) straight people who do not wish to be with someone who is transgender.

The “Super Straight” movement appears to have started by TikToker @kyleroyce in February 2021, in a now deleted video which was later uploaded to YouTube was later associated with trolls on 4Chan and Reddit which refers to “Super Straight” as SS repeatedly.

The TikTok user shows his disregard for transgender people repeatedly, saying “That’s not a real woman to me, like, I want a real woman.”

While yes, it’s true, people can have a genital preference, that’s as far as it goes. A preference. But there’s no way of knowing if someone is pre- or post-op. This refusal to acknowledge transgender people in their rightful gender is just one of the many ways this movement is transphobic. 

Furthermore, to rule a whole community of people out from your dating life due to the fact they are transgender is a blatant show of transphobia.

The attempts this ‘movement’ makes into becoming part of the community LGBTQIA+ is a mockery of the community. As well as the fights that were made and the fights which continue to happen to bring equal rights to transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual etc. people.

“Super Straight” is not a valid sexuality, and largely only exists to mock LGBTQIA+ people and spread transphobia throughout society. 

The movement and its creator have now been banned from TikTok and Reddit, and hopefully, other social media networking sites will do what they can to do the same and make their sites a little less rampant with transphobia. 

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