Grace’s Lockdown Story: The End Of Everything, Start Of Something New

grayscale photo of no smoking sign
grayscale photo of no smoking sign
Photo by: Rosie Kerr/Unsplash

It was the beginning of lockdown in April 2020 and the end of my relationship, job, and parents marriage. Everything came crashing down. 

It had all been a long time coming, but it all happened just as we entered the first lockdown. I was alone. All alone in a one-bedroom flat in Berlin with the start of spring calling out my window with hope.

I had nothing to do but write out my feelings and heal. So I wrote a book in a week and shed all my wisdom, shared all my pain on pages upon pages of a self-help book called Spring 2020: The Season of Self-Discovery. You see, it was. The season had not only led us all into something we’ve never dealt with before but personally, a lot of heartaches for myself that I didn’t think I was prepared for. 

Instead of crying all day every day (okay, I cried every day of course and wept my heart out), I decided I would take on more yoga classes and ended up teaching yoga while writing my book until it was done. Then the marketing came. I put my heart and soul into selling this book because I believed, and still do, that it helps people with the anxiety of the pandemic and heartache from life’s situations.

Somehow, God has blessed me with this ability to turn my pain into shared pain. I think we all have it in us to do so as creative people at heart. Find your flow, go with your art. So the first lockdown wasn’t so bad for me after all. I would write all day as well as teaching along the way, then go out for a walk and talk (on the phone). 

If you struggle with anxiety or just want an “uplifting, positive read for troubled times” then you can grab your e-book of Spring 2020 here or as an audiobook on iTunes or Google Play. 

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