Lockdown Loco

Photo by: Matt Seymour/Unsplash

2020, the year that was. Or twenty-twenty plus as we’re still and perhaps adjusted to the ‘new normal’ of lockdown. I’d describe it as either being grounded like naughty children or preferably that we’re all floating down the same river but in different boats. 

Everybody has struggled to a certain extent, some more than others and I believe some have even thrived on the different pace of life. For me, I loved it! Just before the lockdown, I was on the verge of signing myself off sick.

Six weeks beforehand I had started a new job which I wasn’t enjoying. The ‘black dog’ was depressed and was beginning to follow my every move and felt things were getting on top of me again. So after the government announced the lockdown that weekend, I thought I’d better go into work on Monday and see what was going on. 30 minutes later I’m home putting the kettle on and telling the cat: “You’re stuck with me now!”

I was furloughed for three months and boy what a three months it was! Because I had gained something my mind was yearning for… time. Time for me, myself and I. We all know time is a precious thing and flies by in a blink of an eye, so to have the opportunity to stay at home and not feel bad about cancelling plans, rush about everywhere or even face a job that’s causing distress felt such a relief!

So I simply took my time. I didn’t do anything extravagant such as learn to crochet, join online exercise classes or learn a new hobby. I curled up many times with box sets and books, spent countless hours talking to the cat (poor Juno) and surprisingly decorated my hallway. I’m sure we’ve all learnt how to take part in online meetings and gained the most vital lesson of all – brush your hair before the camera is on!

I’ve discovered that solitude for me is just as good as mingling with others and thanks to the power of technology and social media, I didn’t feel half as lonely as I had feared.

From my view, the main words that strike me throughout this pandemic are adaptation and love. Adaptation because we have all made changes to the way we walk down the street passing others, masks in shops, the way we shop (essentials and online shopping) and the way we communicate with friends and family.

And love. We’ve all had time to slow down, reflect and feel truly grateful for the people we love in our lives.

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