Natalie’s Past Year

It’s been a whole year since lockdown arrived, 

Since Boris closed schools, gyms and pubs. 

The hospitals filling and we were all worried 

About doctors and nurses in scrubs. 

Thinking back to that time we just didn’t know 

What on earth we all had in store. 

The world at a stand still, families apart, 

Nothing like it since back in the war. 

Together we clapped on a Thursday night 

For NHS and essential staff. 

Joe Wick’s workouts and downloading TikTok, 

We’d do anything for a laugh. 

As much as we tried though, it wasn’t all smiles. 

There were struggles and heartache too. 

Businesses struggling and infection rates rising, 

Just missed nipping to mum’s for a brew. 

For me, lockdown was trying, 

At times it got very dark. 

Until friends reached out 

Socially distanced strolls in the park. 

I used this time to better myself, 

To learn who I was and evolve. 

Therapy and meditation, 

Contemplated issues I had to resolve. 

For good and bad lockdown changed me, 

I don’t think any of us are the same anymore. 

I just can’t help wondering, that after it’s gone 

If life will be the same as before. 

But we all see the end now, 

It really won’t be long, 

Until we’re all vaccinated 

And back where we belong. 

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