How Music And Performing Saved My Life

music room with lights turned on
music room with lights turned on
Photo by: John Matychuk/Unsplash

We all know that depression can result in people taking their lives. Even if we are still alive, we die inside, we start to walk in the darkness, and that is when we need to seek help and guidance to find the light. 

Matt was 17 when he started to suffer from depression. It resulted in him leaving high school, not being able to hang out with people and prevented him from leaving his house. 

Now, after a long and turbulent journey, Matt has expressed himself through the performance, singing and dancing. He cites the support of people around him which kept him going. However, it has not been all plain sailing as he recalls having an episode right before a show. 

“I remember one day I had a panic attack, I was preparing for the biggest show of the year, ‘I cannot go missing’ I said to myself, and I started to breathe deeply, and there was a classmate, she was lovely, she started to talk to me and the panic was gone,” Matt said.

Slowly but surely, Matt continues to feel better, more confident and loved. He spoke about the support and love he has received at every show he has performed at, as well as how that has massively helped him. 

Matt said:” It was the most rewarding words I can hear at that moment after one full year where I was pushing myself after panic attacks, those words were curing whatever was broken inside me.”

Performing has helped Matt fight a bad depression. Now 32 years old, he remembers those days like happy days, happy to give everything to what he loves the most, which has provided him with a new lease of life. 

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