Chill Out and Cheer Up: A Ten-Step Guide

Nowadays, we question what leading a happy life entails, how to be satisfied. We end up wasting our energy away, looking for happiness and not living it the right way. What even is the right way!? 

We follow the path that is supposedly set out to us by societal stresses and cunning commercials, steering us in the direction of Always. Wanting. More.

When in your twenties, thirties, even sixties, we often question what’s happening. Let’s heal together. 

We strive to be successful. 

We are compelled to work harder to earn more money and keep up with the standards of life set out in the Western world. We are forced to feel fulfilled by consuming, buying, investing, and all the while forget to invest time into ourselves.

Author Grace with her book Chill Out and Cheer Up. Picture by: Grace Grossmann.

We are fed false beliefs about the way we should look, led on not to feel comfortable in our own skin. It’s a constant catch 22 effect.

We are misinformed by the media to believe every word they say, consistently washing our screens with negative news and reasons to fix our insecurities and live our dream. We are tormented by social media platforms to seek out short-term gratification and propelled to “live our best life”.

We are reliant on drug doses instead of natural highs. We are addicted to technology, TV and anything that temporarily numbs our mind. We choose to aimlessly scroll through our news feed rather than interact with one another.

We are living in the future, regretting the past when all we have is now. We are allowing the past to build our identity, instead of permitting ourselves to let go of who we were and be who we are in this moment. We are forced to not feel by the world we created and its magnitude of sin that surrounds us. We are shattered because society stuffs itself with every last piece of our hope.

Every minute we turn to feel judged, watched and criticised, countless times questioning who to trust. We must take a step back from the world and realise our potential, to enable love, joy and peace to seep through the cracks that we tape up with a false smile. Where is the love, joy and peace that is deeply stored within each and every one of us?

You are here for a reason, and you are important. So let’s start with you.

Here’s a bit about me:

I’m happy-go-lucky – and when I wrote this, I was living in Spain spending my time on cloud nine (if there was a cloud in sight there!).

Now editing the book, I’m in a tricky place. Although a yoga teacher and coach, I too can experience the dark.

I’ve been diagnosed with onset schizophrenia and depression so I can relate and you are not alone. Reality check: A really bad mental health phase can happen to anyone, even a person like me who wrote an entire book about cheering up.

If you’re going through a bad time, don’t hesitate to tell friends and family and seek professional help! We must work together to get better. I know I can’t help everyone, but I can help someone and that is all that matters. You opening up is going to make your circle of care know that there is more than we think in the air.

Read on in Grace’s self-help book, Chill Out And Cheer Up: A Ten-Step Guide – available as a paperback and eBook on Kindle. 

Through eBooks and paperbacks, Grossmann shares her wisdom as learned through the hard times life has taken her through and shows us how we can remain resilient and come out stronger than we went in. Her voice is honest and vulnerable – something people can feel and hear when reading her words. She is raw and real. Her words are there to share and care for as well as show you it’s ok to not be OK. Remember this: find faith. 

Her faith in God shines through her writings as she offers honest ramblings from the heart. Her heart on paper allows people to connect with her words and feel like they are talking with a friend. She’s no expert, but she’s a human just like you, who has gone through tough times. However, she is reminded that we all must go through hard times to feel better again – this is why she writes to feel alright

You might feel lighter, better when reading her words of comfort; they are honest and open for anyone to interpret in their own way – just know everything will be okay. Aside from her writing that has been reviewed as “a hug”, Grace also teaches yoga and coaches people to find peace within. Her mission continues on paper, in person, and on the mat.

To learn more about Grace’s story visit her website. 

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