Music Getting Me Through Lockdown – My Discovered Love For Birdy

vinyl record on turntable
vinyl record on turntable
Photo by: Vincent Chan/Unsplash

It’s almost been a year since the normality of working and studying from home began. Like countless others, I have been stuck at my laptop ever since March 2020. However, my recent discovery and now love for music, particularly singer-songwriter Birdy has made lockdown more relaxing. 

I can’t say I am an expert when it comes to music, to be honest, I will listen to anything. Part of my daily routine is loading up Spotify and searching for new artists and playlists. I truly believe that we can never be too fussy when it comes to enjoying music. 

Typically, I would listen to the likes of The Script, Dead Tongues, Panic At The Disco, The Weeknd, and of course some classic 80s tunes. But at the start of the first lockdown in March last year, I discovered Birdy. 

Birdy is not a newcomer to the world of music, she has been around for nearly a decade now. However, whilst I was aware of her I simply did not listen to any of her stuff, lockdown changed that though.

It was her first album which was released in 2011 which really got me hooked. The songs People Help The People and Skinny Love are two of my favourites and weekly listens when it comes to my study sessions. It’s fair to say my Spotify is used to loops of most of her songs by now.

Her upcoming album Young Heart is something I am very excited about! She released her single Surrender recently, and it is easily one of my favourite songs of all time already! Can’t count the number of times I have listened to it, embarrassingly…

Why Birdy you might be asking? Well, I am someone who always wants to take a few hours to relax and listen to some music that fits that setting and atmosphere, Birdy’s music is perfect for this. 

If you haven’t listened to her music, then I highly recommend you give it a go, especially if you need some relaxing music to chill out too!

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