Lockdown Music – Girl in Red

Continuing our series of lockdown music, we look at indie artist Girl in Red.

This latest nationwide lockdown thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic has given me the chance to look back through my music accounts, looking to rediscover some bands and artists. One artist I have re-discovered is Girl in Red. 

Marie Ulven Ringheim is the artist who uses the pseudonym name Girl in Red. She is a Norwegian indie pop artist. Her songs cover subjects such as romance, sexuality and mental health.

Girl in Red’s debut album Beginnings. Picture by: Holly Allison

Labelled a Queer Icon by Paper her songs are a refreshing sound in the hetreo-normatic music scene, especially when it comes to the romance genre. Finally, finding music that relates to the LGBTQIA+ community felt amazing to me, something I could actually relate too.

Since her first single under the pseudonym Girl in Red in 2017, she has amassed 7 million monthly streams on Spotify. In particular proving to be very popular with the WLW community, with the phrase “do you listen to Girl in Red” becoming a discreet way to ask a woman if she is gay/likes girls. There is even a song based on that by Haley Margo!

Upon my re-discovery I could not resist purchasing her debut album Beginnings on vinyl. With hit songs i wanna be your girlfriend and girls. It has become my go-to album very quickly.

Her upcoming album aims to be an “emotional recap” of the past year, with a focus on the other sides of love and mental health, having been diagnosed with OCD and generalised anxiety disorder in the past year. 

Girl in Red’s music is available on Spotify and Apple Music, to stay up to date on her music visit here.

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