Keep your head up!

white neon light signage
white neon light signage
Photo by: John Baker/Unsplash

Nothing seems to be certain anymore. Living amidst uncertainty as these times have presented us, has naturally brought low morale. But whatever the circumstances, there is always a reason to stay positive. 

Normality is simply not what we imagine it to be anymore. Seeing family, friends, and loved ones are now challenged, not something we could have foreseen but this is now the world we live in. 

We might often struggle to find positives in our daily lives, understandably as there is seemingly one barrier after another. Social interaction is a huge part of our lives but for nearly a year, it has been out of the question in many cases. 

Watching football in stadiums, how I’d love to experience that again! The journey to the ground, the feeling of anxiousness before kick-off, the collective roar when your team scores… It’s certainly been a feeling I have sorely missed in my life. 

All the graduation ceremonies that were postponed. An occasion which students worked three to four years for, could not even be celebrated. But don’t forget that your moment was not entirely taken away, you did it and do not forget that! 

However, despite the world being upside down and far from normal, we all have reason to remain positive and more importantly optimistic. Sometimes hope and optimism are all we have and right now, this could not ring any more true. 

Hope, something we all live with every day. It is often something which is subconsciously in our thoughts on a daily basis. One of the most powerful tools we have is hope and it allows us to remain optimistic no matter what. 

There is always light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how long that tunnel might be. It has been a long and difficult period for us all, we have all been in this together and we should stick together.

Please remember to be there for each other; check on your family, friends, and loved ones and make sure you are okay. 

Above all else, please remember: better days are ahead. 

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