How To Show Gratitude For The Year 2020

This is the time of year where we usually share our highlights on social media and think of our New Year’s Resolutions… I have still seen posts of this nature but the tone is different. Some showing more gratitude for what we have, some who cannot wait to see the back of 2020, and some who have big plans for 2021. 

The following is what I’d like to call our shared gratitude list as we have all shared this year unlike any other and I hope if there’s nothing positive you can think of, that I can help with that:


Despite all the technical difficulties that come with online meetings, classes, etc, and the extended periods on social media doing… nothing, I really am thankful for technology. 

Helping to keep us connected with those who we have not been able to see all year (or longer), being able to capture and share special moments that we have been able to experience, and all the important causes that have united the world just through social media. 


Whether you started a new business, rediscovered an old hobby, or discovered a new one – this is something that might not have happened if 2020 didn’t “happen” and you know what I mean by “2020”. 

I got back into arts and crafts, started by making greeting cards from homemade materials which has since developed into other things too. I do have some plans for my craft business so watch this space @dairiblog

Connecting or reconnecting with nature 

Similar to ‘Discovery’ I started running and working out in my local park when I was fit enough to. I have always loved being outside but mostly enjoyed the great outdoors when visiting my grandmother in Norfolk or elsewhere in the UK/abroad. When the gyms closed, I found myself with no excuse but to go outdoors more and have since met friends for walks, visited landmarks and more outdoor attractions, etc. I, personally, will never look back! 

Loved ones 

I say loved ones because some people genuinely don’t have family, whether that’s literally or in another capacity. I do like to think that everyone has some loved ones, even if it’s friends alone – I like to call some of these my “family by choice”. 

Without their support, whether near or from afar, I know I wouldn’t have survived some of my darkest days and some of those days have been in 2020. If you suffer from depression like I do, I know that at times you can feel like the loneliest person in the world but please try to remind yourself that you are not alone and that those moments are not permanent. 


We cannot forget those who lost their lives this year, due to Covid but also as a result of all the other illnesses, tragic accidents, murder, suicide, and lack of basic needs like food and shelter. It’s devastating that we haven’t even been able to give them the send-off we usually would but at least we have found ways through technology and socially distance in the streets to send off a hearse etc. 

Even after all that heartache, we – yes you and I are still standing here and we still have a chance to live our lives. If you have lost somebody this year, I hope you have support or are seeking it if you need to – remember, you are not alone.

I want to end on something light-hearted but also quite endearing. I don’t often, but this week decided to engage in one of those “mantra” posts on social media – one being from @mentalmagazineuk

The first, posted by a friend, gave me the following words: creation, gratitude, connection, and power, and the one from @mentalmagazineuk gave me: sleep, friendship, and power. 

Now, for me, these seem to work like horoscopes – interpret it for my own life and I can honestly say that these are exactly what I needed but also wanted to see: 

Creation: I’m a writer and an artist and I want to develop my creativity in 2021. 

Gratitude: Despite my demons, I want to show more gratitude starting now with this post but also moving forward into the new year.

Connection: I want to stay more connected with others but more connected with myself and try to maintain balance in my mind, body, and soul. 

Sleep: Sleep, which is usually aided with some sort of herbal remedy (or Night Nurse if I’m desperately unwell), is a massive issue for me but I aim to be much better rested in the new year and hope to achieve this naturally.

Friendship: Tightening my relationships has already started but I need to maintain this. Friendship lives in all relationships including with family and partners so please try to remember this for yourselves.

Power: As you know, I’ve battled with my mental health in many ways but this word appearing twice gave me a real mindset shift. Yes, I still have dark moments (sometimes whole days or weeks) but I know I have the strength to pull myself up and continue surviving.

Creation, gratitude, connection, sleep, friendship, and power: This is my mantra for 2021 – what’s yours?

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