We Move An Honest Article From A Personal Trainer

You’ve heard it before, and here I am to say it again! Exercise is a wonder for the mind, body and spirit. 

I am biased, I trained as a personal trainer three years ago and have loved teaching people from all walks of life about how to move their body ever since! Watching clients develop confidence and a love for fitness is incredibly rewarding and I’m so grateful to have their trust! There is no doubt a huge list of benefits from getting out there (or in there!) and moving your body, one definitely being the benefits it can have for your mental health. 

Do you remember the “run 5 send 5” challenge at the start of lockdown? Or perhaps your IG feed has been full of people flaunting their incredible lockdown bodies and home workouts. Let’s be honest, that wasn’t the case for most of us, and there’s no shame in that!

As a personal trainer, people expect me to be constantly healthy. I am not. It’s time we promoted honesty, balance and fun in fitness! Throughout the first lockdown, I gained weight, I wasn’t able to train as consistently as I was used to, and wasn’t able to lift weights (something I used to do daily) as I had no home equipment. 

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For a while I was stuck in my ways, feeling sorry for myself in a vicious cycle of not exercising which led to me feeling increasingly lousy and lazy. Perhaps you’ve felt the same, you’re definitely not alone.

With gyms still closed and team sports banned, it was time to spice up my fitness routines. I bought my first pole and started up 1-1 boxing sessions and fell in love! 

Pole dancing is a wonderful creative outlet and incredibly challenging on the body. There are lots of beginner-friendly tutorials online and lots of classes suitable for beginners. If you’ve ever considered it, what are you waiting for!

Boxing has allowed me to unleash that lockdown anger and get a great cardio workout in at the same time, a wonder for my personal mental health. 

If you’ve found yourself stuck in a lazy cycle, have a think about what you’ve always wanted to try. There really is something for everyone and your fitness journey will not look the same as anyone else. It’s not too late to put a positive spin on 2020!

If you have any questions or would like some advice on how to get started with fitness or your nutrition, give me a shout!

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