4 Things To Do In Tier 3

In London, like much of the country, we have just entered ‘Tier 3’. I’m sure wherever you are, you have experienced similar restrictions and similar emotions during this global pandemic. Hopefully, these are things you can still do no matter where you are or what restrictions you face… 

Exercise regularly

Whether you are having a daily walk, cycling to work, or able to go to the gym, exercise is so important for your mental health. I don’t know about you but I feel like superwoman after a workout – even if I’ve dragged myself out of bed at 6 am to make it to the first gym session at 6.30 am. Luckily, gyms can stay open in the new ‘Tier 3’ rules so I am definitely not going to take it for granted anymore! 

Teach yourself how to cook a new dish

I love cooking but have not been cooking as much as I used to as my motivation for a lot of things has diminished since the pandemic (and even prior). I am vegetarian and cooked a new vegan curry inspired by a recipe from @rgveganfood. 

During these times it’s not easy to have the exact ingredients to hand but I added higher quantities of ingredients I did have and substituted a few others for those I didn’t and the flavours were still amazing. 

I now can’t wait to try the exact recipe. Sometimes you can create new dishes with leftover ingredients or food that needs to be used before it expires. I love food and hate waste, so cooking is the perfect remedy but is also a great therapy exercise!

Take time out of your day to help someone else

You might be thinking that this is hard when we are restricted, but there are a few ways you can help, even if it’s from a distance:

  • Talk to a friend who needs to talk via voice or video call (or meet them for a walk, rules permitting). I always realise I equally need these talks without even knowing it!
  • Do some food shopping for a neighbour who could do with support.
  • Volunteer your time to help a food bank or homeless outreach initiative.
  • Share a post/page to support somebody’s business and write something nice!

Write a positive review online about a local business you rate
I have always been a fan of supporting small businesses and try to start with those as close as my family and friends. As biased as it sounds, there’s so much joy in supporting your people and loving their product/service. I don’t remember ordering a cake from anybody other than @JustTheGem who is literally a baking wizard! 

I now only buy my perfumes (and some make-up) from @behind_our_doors_at_no16; my favourite new slow fashion brand is @doyanga who produces the most beautiful, timeless pieces; and my favourite place for gifts (including for myself) is @thecrystalmais, sending light and endless positive vibes. Not forgetting @plp.clothing where I got my softest, comfiest hoodie with quality that puts the leading sports brands to shame – and what they stand for is a bonus. 

I love to support others and show gratitude for excellent service or appreciation for great craftsmanship. If you do too, take those extra few minutes to write a review and boost their reputation. I’m sure it’ll keep them going through what must be a challenging year, whilst filling some of that extra time you have with something more rewarding than scrolling through the same Instagram feed again.

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