Guilt Free – A Game Review

Picture by: Lateral Games Press Kit

Following on from our game review of the video games Fractured Minds we decided to have a look through game stores to see what games that offer that take a look at Mental Health. This time we will look at Guilt Free. 

*Spoilers for the game ahead*

Guilt Free is a free-to-play game available on PC and Mac. Published by Lateral Games earlier this year in October 2020, Guilt Free puts the player into the role of the partner of someone suffering from an eating disorder. The game has a warning for players who have suffered from mental health problems and eating disorders due to the chance of it upsetting the player.

Picture by: Lateral Games Press Kit

As you complete day-to-day tasks like feeding the cat and hanging out with friends, you notice small ‘quirks’ about your partner and have to figure out the best way to support them. 

The gameplay is somewhat simplistic, but is effective. With the point-and-click game style mixed with the visual novel theme, it allows you to focus more on the dialogue and the story-line as well as avoid any unneeded distractions. 

The novelistic style with the seemingly hand-drawn graphics perfectly represents how story-led the game is, with the monochrome colour scheme it clearly displays the emotions of the story.

Providing users with multiple choices through dialogue options you look to assist your partner, Alice, as she suffers from an eating disorder and mental health problems. Identify the symptoms and choose the right dialogue in order to help her. 

Picture by: Lateral Games Press Kit

Use the right dialogue, and you’ll get to help Alice and stay in a relationship with her, get it wrong, and the opposite can happen. 

Choosing different dialogue options affects the story in different ways, if you get the correct food from the shop, the evening with friends is a fun occasion, if you choose to get it wrong, it causes an argument and the events the next day change too. 

It’s a very short game and shouldn’t take you longer than half an hour to complete. However, with five different endings there’s plenty to do and learn, see how the relationship changes between the protagonist and Alice.

For a free-to-play game it is a great game to download and spend a couple hours on, and if you really like it feel free to donate some money to the producers here.

Their website states, “We believe games shouldn’t be just a form of entertainment. We make games to spread awareness, challenge the usual way of thinking and tell some great stories.” and this is definitely true, and we can’t wait to see what they produce next!

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