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Student Travel Plans Revealed

Photo by: Rasheed Kemy/Unsplash

As the Christmas holidays approach thousands of university students will be travelling home for the festive break to spend time with their families. The government has announced plans for a travel window for students to return home in time for the holidays.

Returning home for the Christmas holidays is a prospect many students relish. A break from university, Christmas dinner, and time spent with the family after being away is a wholesome thought. But this year more than ever perhaps students are beyond excited given the circumstances they have had to live through.

As of Friday 13th of November, the government announced and updated their plans for a student travel window, which will allow students to return home. After the conclusion of the national lockdown on December 2nd, students will have a six day period to get home, which student Georgia who is currently studying Geography at the University of Liverpool confirmed: “I’ve been told I have to travel home between the 3rd and 9th of December,” said Georgia.

There have been some horrible stories from students in accommodation who have had to isolate. Despite all the confusion and generally scared tone one can gather from many students and their experiences, fortunately for Georgia, her experience so far in her accommodation has been fine. She cited a big contribution from her flatmates and hygiene which have helped. “I have been very lucky with my accommodation as my flatmates are all super lovely and keep everything clean which makes such a difference,” 

She also touched on the support she has received from her university during these trying times. “Even when I’m in isolation, the accommodation gave us food packages and activity packs to keep us going. Overall, it’s been a very pleasant experience.” 

After the Xmas break students will slowly begin to return to their accommodations in preparation for the new semester. Much like the travel window put into place for students traveling home, there will also be a window for students to return to their halls. 

“I’ve been told when I return there is a 5-week period from Jan 4th until Feb 9th in which they are staggering everyone’s return to the university, so I’m assuming I’ll be given a time and day in which I am allowed to return.”

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