Online Lockdown Romances

black ipad on brown wooden table
black ipad on brown wooden table
Photo by: Markus Winkler/Unsplash

As the second lockdown rolled out, singletons had to put their romances on hold. But what if your heart is desiring to meet your Romeo or Juliet? Well, we live in the 21st century and almost everything is possible online!

Happn, a dating app, extended free video calls for its users during the second lockdown in the United Kingdom. The online dating mobile app is offering singletons to contact each other for free via video call, which last up to an hour.

Before users were able to video call their crushes for only five minutes. Afterwards, matches had to pay up however long they communicated.

As the demand for online dating has increased, many companies have to come up with interesting ways to attract singles. Blindlee, a dating service, sets up strangers on blind dates using three-minute blurred video calls. At the end of the call, faces are revealed, and the couple can mutually decide if they want to continue their conversation.

“We’ve been seeing increased activity as people are using this fun ice-breaking video as a pre-date before deciding to match,” says Sacha Nasan, one of the founders of Blindlee. “A survey showed some users are even using Blindlee calls to find moral support/solidarity during times of quarantine.”

The app was launched at the end of last year and had only 6,000 users until March but because of strict lockdown restrictions, Blindee gained more than 20,000 lovebirds.

“Having someone to talk to helps release frustrations and builds a sense of companionship,” says Chris Pleines, founder and relationship expert at Dating Scout. “Text chatting also does the same, but it can be draining at some point since you can text multiple people at the same time.”

“Stay hopeful with your virtual romantic partner that you’ll get the chance to meet someday—and you will,” he adds.

New lockdown restrictions do not allow meeting each other indoors. However, people are allowed to meet with one person outside their household in a public place which was not permitted during the first national lockdown.

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