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I definitely made up for my “shortcomings” last week and had something that was more like a judgement free long weekend, let alone day! I had finished all my work in time to have a free weekend so decided to relax for the weekend which then accidentally extended into Monday (and a sneaky bit of Tuesday)… 

I don’t feel guilty for missing the few things on my “to-do” list that I didn’t quite achieve this (long) weekend and am much more calm than I usually am. I haven’t judged myself for drinking a little more than usual and eating more junk than I’d prefer to eat. 

So, have a judgement free day and see if applying this mindset helps to calm your mind. Don’t put pressure on yourself if you are not feeling something or if you have run out of time in your day.

Go for a 15 minute walk

I’ve recommended walking before, but I find it’s so important to get some exercise, even if it’s just a walk to the shop. I would have liked to go for a picturesque, autumnal walk but I didn’t have the time and needed to go to the post office. 

Most of the time I would drive to the post office (especially if it’s raining) but it’s not that far, my leg wasn’t hurting* and some fresh air was very welcome. 

Before Lockdown 2.0, I was going to the gym regularly and had a loose routine but with the gym closures it’s been hard to get into a new routine at home or outside. When the weather is dark and wet, it’s not inviting but if you catch the sunshine or just a dry day, try to go outside! 

A walk filled with nature is always a winner, but if you can walk instead of drive or even avoid public transport, I’m sure it’ll make a difference. Bonus – it also saves fuel and is easier to social distance.

*I have a leg injury, with regular pain and sometimes I cannot walk at all so when I can, I like to take the opportunity to exercise in ways I am not always able to. 

Take 10 minutes out of your day to do nothing

I took way longer than 10 minutes across several days to do nothing. For me, best spent either in my bed or in the bath with lavender and candles but you can choose your most comfortable, happy place and do the same! 

In warmer months, this could be sitting outside in the garden for me or, in some distant memory, on the beach.

Sometimes I find myself looking for something to do because it feels weird to not be doing something-anything, but taking the opportunity to just do nothing is unexpectedly satisfying when you accept that it’s ok. 

I used to fill up my days, weeks, months with a busy schedule and no time to myself. 

Now, I factor in days, weekends, evenings that are free because it’s so important to have that time. Sometimes I do something I want to do for myself, sometimes I do nothing. 

You’re also entitled to do nothing sometimes. Make it regular if you can. 

And don’t judge yourself!

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