5 Lockdown Hacks

Have you ever had a plan that doesn’t quite pan out in the way you intended? To-do lists, career moves, study plans etc. I think we’ve all been there. This pandemic has really disrupted almost every aspect of life. How do you manage work, study, family, health without feeling overwhelmed at times? 

These hacks might not solve your problems but they could help you to get some much deserved you time or just give you a break from your burdens…

1. Start the day with 5/10 minutes of exercise:

Whether it’s practising yoga Sun Salutations, stretching or doing some sit-ups, exercise is a great way to start your day off in a positive way as it energises and wakes you up. Personally, I do more than 5 minutes and would ordinarily attend the gym or go for a run. 

With the second lockdown restrictions, I am already preparing to go for more regular runs again (despite the cold weather) and to do some exercises at home.

You do not need equipment or even a lot of space to do this. Why not form an exercise regime for you and your household or arrange to meet a friend and take your exercise outside? If walking is your thing why not try to:

2. Go for a walk somewhere with lots of nature:

Exercise can simply be: just go for a walk. They work just as well for me, especially when it’s a pretty, natural location. Even the biggest, busiest cities have some beautiful parks, heaths and even woodland! 

Try to find new places to walk with a friend, your household or even alone; make some memories or just decompress. This doesn’t have to be a long walk, it could even be 15 minutes or whatever you feel is right for you.

3. Remove all technology from your bedroom overnight:

If you’re anything like me, I can watch a whole series within a couple of days. Although this is when I LOVE a show. I don’t find it healthy to sit and watch episode after episode back to back for hours or days even. 

The TV that I had in my bedroom has now been removed. As soon as that happened, I didn’t miss it at all so I stuck with this hack for more than just one night. If removing technology from your bedroom overnight works, why not go one step further and…

4. Designate a technology-free room in your house:

I don’t think I’d ever have a TV in my bedroom again as it gives me space to focus on reading, meditate and reflect on my day without the easy distraction of Netflix. Sure, I might work on my laptop from my bed if I’m not feeling 100% but I try to work at my desk in order to separate relaxation time and work time. 

I know it’s not always possible because of space, but if there’s something you can do to even put your technology out of sight, this could help you to find more peace of mind when things get overwhelming – the news, social media etc. Sometimes my phone is completely off in the middle of the day!

5. Make your bed as soon as you get up:

It might sound silly since many of us are going to be at home all day anyway but I notice a massive difference between making my bed and not making my bed when I get up. When I make my bed, it’s almost like that punctuates the beginning of my day but when I don’t (I’m only human!), I sometimes feel less prepared for the day and often will get back into bed even if I have things to do! 

It’s definitely not a bad thing to have a “bed day” because we all need them sometimes but making your bed might reduce those bed days which can sometimes become days and even weeks. If you do anything from this list tomorrow, try to make your bed as soon as you get up, so you can be ready for the first day of our second national lockdown. We are all in this together.

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