School’s In! But It’s Not The Same…

Buy some pens and get some notebooks. If you are somewhat obsessed with organisation, buy some post-it notes. If you have the means, buy the necessary books. This is more or less the start of every school year. But not this one. 

School’s In

Get a reliable internet connection, a quiet place, a trustworthy computer and some cloths to frequently wash your screen. Headphones might come in handy.

The expression of this “new normal” has been used constantly but unfortunately, it is still very much prevalent as the months come and go. This pandemic has forced upon us so many changes that it is impossible to move around without feeling its shadow everywhere. So, measures are a must!

The University I am enrolled in has put in place several measures to ensure student safety whilst trying to maintain a teaching quality worthy of its name. It is no surprise that the great majority of our teaching will be done online with resources such as the library, academic mentorship, and counselling service being moved to our computer screens. Suffice to say that the support is there at the touch of a button or in this case keystroke.

In the months to come there might be an increase of certain anxieties in people as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Maybe you end up with a new phobia or anxiety. If any of these things happen, ask for help. In pre-pandemic days it was normal to have mental health issues, so it is that much more acceptable to have them in the current situation. Seriously, ask for help, don’t fall into the mindset of “I don’t matter” I’m embarrassed”. 

Resources are there to be used. If all else fails to force yourself to ask for help, remember that there are people out there who are eager to help you. 

As a person that has been in a close relationship with anxiety, I can tell you that in my situation, therapy and counselling worked. Universities have all these resources available to students to deal with their mental health. 

To all my fellow students, have a great year!

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