Headspace – Clear Your Head In Your Own Space

Dealing with the stress that comes with university can be challenging. Finding methods to combat that stress can also present challenges. Naturally, not everything you do will work.

But in a time where apps are essential to modern-day life, meditation apps have taken off. One app amongst millions that has stood out is Headspace, which promises to provide users with a clearer mindset from the very start.

Headspace – finding your zen anywhere

The app allows you to meditate in your time and more importantly, your own space. One of the key factors to enjoying meditation as best as possible is of course finding a clear and quiet place in which to relax.

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There are also a variety of methods, to which specific meditations are provided. They include stress and anxiety, sleep, performance mindset, personal growth, productivity, sports, and much more.

In the midst of a chaotic life at either university or college, maintaining a positive and straight mindset is essential.

“I found the app useful because it made me realize how little I properly relax and calm myself, especially in a time where your mind is in chaos, the app can be easily soothing and help you organize your thoughts,” said Lorel Petts, 20, Geography student at Newcastle University.

Student-friendly meditation combat

Among the variety of featured categories is a section called students. A variety of meditation courses can be found, such as dealing with distractions, prioritization, and focus.

A big part of life at university can be moving away from home. This can be a daunting task, considering it can be your first time. Headspace has a meditation course with ten sessions, which allow you to learn how to cope with the change and adapt to your new surroundings.

Studying can mount the most stress, so Headspace offers single meditation sessions to cope with exam preparation and presentations (which can be more nerve-wracking than exams!). Studying is a difficult prospect, but the app covers all issues that one might suffer during their academic years.

A personalized app designed to create peace, whenever you need it

The app’s personalized user face is something that is great – as it allows you to be able to adapt it to your desires. Being able to personalize the way you meditate is key because it allows your mind to be at ease and have a feeling of control.

“Apps like Headspace are good because they allow you to have control of what sort of talks you listen to and personalize it to you,” said Lorel.

Even if you are not feeling yourself, or not having a good day, it is important to address that. “I would say Headspace has been so helpful for me when I’m feeling really anxious, it’s a great app because it’s super simple to use, it’s really effective and also it’s free,” said Jen Macdonald, 20, Psychology and Criminology student at Nottingham Trent University.

However, while Headspace is typically thought to be best when in a strictly quiet space, it can also be used in different scenarios. This can vary from before going to work or sleep, as it is about finding the right balance for your mind and finding the best way to relax.

“I used Headspace regularly! Short ones in the car park before work to head in right, sleep ones to switch off at night. Love it! Even used it when running,” said Nat Scroggie, 28, Veterinary Surgeon.

Finding your Zen can be difficult. It can be even harder when you are in the middle of a hectic year at university; assignments, exams, and reading can all mound up. Headspace is the perfect app as it allows you to choose your desired stress meditation methods, and pinpoint exactly how you are feeling. Take the time to download the app, and find your Zen. 

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